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Permanent Placements

We will find you the best

We know that for your organisation to function at its very best you need to attract and retain the best workforce available. With so many candidate sources, finding qualified talent to fill your permanent positions can be a complicated and time-consuming process.

At MTrec Care we are constantly filtering, screening and meeting with the best available talent in the sector. We even engage with professionals who aren’t actively seeking new opportunities – so we are well prepared to help you make exceptional connections to fill your permanent vacancies.

Our approach

Recruiting for permanent roles requires a different approach to temporary / interim recruitment. We do it with a client-driven focus, operating as a partner that provides a reliable and dedicated service that responds dynamically to your needs.

Partner with us and we’ll invest our time and effort to fully understand your requirements, creating a detailed brief outlining the job specification, your objectives, long-term aims and the outcomes associated with the position.

To find you the people you need, we combine our extensive market knowledge with defined recruitment methods and best practice. We use extensive research and selection tools, multiple proactive resourcing techniques, and assessment and profiling solutions all handled by your very own dedicated Consultant.


We attract high quality candidates by using our distinctive advertising style through relevant websites printed and digital media. Creating our advertising material with great care, we believe the most powerful messages come from short and interesting copy. Our adverts can either market your vacancy as MTrec Care, or we can dual-brand ads with your company logo for extra impact.

Our promise

To ensure we deliver the most successful outcome possible, we’ll support you and our candidates through every stage of the recruitment process – from interview to offer and placement. Representing your organisation with pride and professionalism, this partnership will not only supply the talent you need but also help protect and enhance your reputation in the sector.