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Continued Professional Development

As our society and business needs constantly change we have identified the crucial necessity for CPD (Continued Professional Development) amongst our candidates to maintain a sustainable and competitive advantage.

We understand the importance of learning and development from both our clients and candidates perspective. MTrec Care adopts a practical approach to CPD in order to retain key staff and ensure we consistently meet all SLAs through the provisions of high quality staff who are thoroughly equipped with current and varied skill sets.

CPD is something that we actively promote and recommend to our candidates by way of additional e-learnings, annual updates of core mandatory training and specific role related training workshops. We also support our candidate’s development through the variety of service settings we are able to offer and the mixture of different client groups our candidates are able to work with. We are extremely focused on the individual and their personal improvements throughout their career journey with us, which ensures we operate a very competent and effective professional workforce.

MTrec Care also works with clients to source and deliver necessary or specific training to enable efficient and safe running of their services. We are able to provide bespoke training or development which can be tailored to suit individual needs and audiences.